by Uwe Sander

by Uwe Sander

Call me Ishmael. Some years ago (…), I thought I would sail about a little and see the watery part of the world. (…) Whenever I find myself growing grim about the month; whenever it is a damp, drizzly November in my soul (…) then, I account it high time to get to sea as soon as I can. This is my substitute for pistol and ball. With a philosophical flourish Cato throws himself upon his sword; I quietly take to the ship. There is nothing surprising in this. If they but know it, almost all men in their degree, some time or other, cherish very nearly the same feelings towards the ocean with me.

It is the grace of the wide ocean that takes possesion of their mind, that gives them no rest all those men and women having experienced the adventure of following to sea are of opinion that it was an outstanding period of time. Just as my friend Curt Kapherr who took upon a voyage that broke the bounds of workaday routine, of everyday life. He is not sorry for any second of this fascinating trip, just the opposite is true he is planning to travel around the whole wide world. It becomes evident that it is up to you to change your life make use of the moment and realize your dreams!


Special thanks to the crew of the “Stadsraad Lehmkuhl”. Foremost to Captain Seidl for his seamanship and his patience in handling the questions of ninety “Johnny come Lately’s”. Not to mention John, the sergeant, for his humor and patience and all other members of the crew that helped us along with their patience and friendlyness.

Special thanks to my friend Uwe Sander, who lectured the manuscript, and to my daughter Alexandra, who managed everything during my absence and handled a fire in the kitchen very well.